Buying a Kuduwave: How RSMM Medical Supplies Walks Your Customer Journey With You

Meet RSMM Medical Supplies’ dedicated sales and customer service team and find out how they walk your business-building journey with you. 

Purchasing a new medical device, especially one that you perhaps haven’t used before in your practice, is a big deal. At RSMM, we want our customers to feel wholly supported throughout the process. So our dedicated sales and customer service team prides itself on walking every step of your customer journey with you

We ensure that all our customers’ expectations are met, your every need is taken into account, and that your overall experience of RSMM is as positive, empowering and rewarding as possible. 

In this blog, we outline each step in the process of purchasing a Kuduwave portable audiometer (or any other medical device or consumable).

What Sets the RSMM Sales Team Apart

Confidence, both in their professional abilities and the products they sell, as well as resilience, enthusiasm, rapport-building, active listening, empathy and excellent communication skills are just some of the traits that set our sales team apart. These attributes are also what make them invaluable to our company – and our customers. 

Most of all, the members of our sales and customer service team all agree that their journeys with our customers rarely come to an end once a sale has been made. In fact, a successful sale is often just the start of a relationship that will span many years and, in some cases, decades. 

Step-by-step Guide to Buying a Medical Device From RSMM Medical Supplies

Step 1: Connection 

We understand that all our clients are unique in their approach to business, and also in their needs and circumstances. During initial contact with a new client, we try to find out as much as possible about them, their vision for their business and their individual needs. Then, drawing on years of experience and expertise, we offer the best possible solutions we have for our client and their business. 

Step 2: Progressing to Quotation 

As we learn more about our clients’ requirements and the fields they work in (for example, Occupational Health, Audiology, Philanthropy), we try to find out whether they have a specific budget to which they need to adhere. From there we can determine which of our products will be the best solution for them and their business. 

Often, our clients are in the process of establishing a clinic or practice, and do not have a budget set out just yet. We can then support them by offering a range of different payment options to complete their purchase. 

Step 3: Quotation 

Once we have a good understanding of our clients’ business vision, and have established their precise needs, we can proceed to formulate a quotation for them. Once the quotation has been provided, we discuss it with our client in detail. Should the quotation be within their budget and our client accepts, we proceed with finalising the transaction. 

Should the quotation be out of the client’s budget, we can offer them a payment plan. 

Step 4: After-sales Support 

After the device has been paid for and delivered, we offer our clients training on how to use the device, in order to get the maximum benefit from it. If it is a viable option, in-person product training is offered. 

Alternatively, we make use of the Google Meets or TeamViewer online platforms to provide virtual product training. When it comes to our flagship product, the Kuduwave portable audiometer, a large number of our clients have used audiometers before. Such clients are often able to utilise their Kuduwave portable audiometer to its full capacity without requiring much training. 

Once product training has been completed, our clients often test out their device, advising if they have any questions, or if any further assistance is required. Our sales team touches base with clients every three months, to see if they require any sort of assistance with using their product. If they purchased a Kuduwave portable audiometer, the sales team member will enquire about additional consumables and training. 

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